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Monday, 10 October 2016 00:00

OTHAR 75, Minibombero's new product

Minibombero presents OTHAR 75, a fire extinguishing system which requires neither water nor electric current to operate. OTHAR 75 is comprised by:

  • Schütz IBC (1000 liters) with metallic protection.
  • Honda MotorPump GX160 (gasoline powered).
  • 20 meter Hose (2 Barcelona Fittings ’25’).
  • 380 mm. diameter Winder.
  • POK Nozzle con (75 l/min flow).
  • Connecting tubes and stopcock between IBC and MotorPump.
  • Stopcock for nozzle opening/closing.
  • Customized metallic stand.

Its fast transportation as well as its wide safety distance allow to extinguish fires in its early stages in a safe and efficient way, both in distance as well as height.

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