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Wednesday, 14 December 2016 00:00

Vaccine donation campaign

Minibombero S.L., VIPSA, and Albert Llovera, rally pilot and UNICEF Goodwill ambassador, are campaigning for the donation of tetanus vaccines.

"Albert Llovera is one of the most recognized disabled athletes in the world. This Andorran man was already a professional skier when an accident in the European Championship of Ski sat him in a wheelchair. But since then, his career and achievements have continued to grow. He became the first disabled person in the world to obtain a rally licence. He has since proved to be one of the best drivers, winning four absolute titles and competing in three Dakar Rallies, the last one behind the wheel of a giant truck. But his work does not end with the competition. Apart from being UNICEF ambassador,  he also collaborates with companies to develop adaptation solutions for disabled drivers, and has written a book about his experience, called No limits ."


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